Setting Inspirational Goals

Leading with Enthusiasm


Innovative, dynamic leadership - developing a vision, articulating it, and inspiring others to achieve it - calls for a mastery of metaphor. As expeditions to Mount Everest show, mountains and mountain climbing provide powerful metaphors for overcoming challenges and achieving personal and organizational goals. 

But there is more to climbing a mountain or succeeding in business than getting to the top. They can also be ways of building teams and establishing core values that allow an organization to survive and thrive.

In dramatic presentations illustrated with spectacular photography, Edwin Bernbaum explores the many different ways mountains around the world inspire us to reach the heights of leadership and teamwork. 

Lecture Topics (click to see each one):

Peak Paradigms of Leadership and Teamwork

The Heights of Inspiration

Beyond the Summit: Leadership Lessons from the Wharton Treks to Mount Everest

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