Enjoyable Outdoor Learning

Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA 

Bringing Home Lessons
from the Outdoors 


Learn tools and strategies
that build on what’s working well for you and your organization. 

Expand your leadership and teamwork skills through enjoyable outdoor experiences shared with members of your organization. Activities offer a relaxed and congenial way to get to know your colleagues better so that you can work with them more effectively.

Use the natural world to mirror workplace experiences, focusing on powerful, practical analogies between the two to drive home lessons learned. 

Deepen your learning through presentations that use well-known mountains, such as Mount Everest and Mount Fuji, to highlight key aspects of leadership and teamwork.  Using the metaphors and analogies we develop in the presentations and outdoor activities, you apply them to issues and challenges facing your particular organization.

The workshops and outdoor activities can be delivered as:
     • half-day or full-day programs
     • weekend retreats
     • or parts of conferences and business meetings

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