“After listening to keynote speakers at investment conferences for 15 years, I had never heard a room so quiet, so focused.  Everyone was on the edge of their chair as Ed shared his incredible stories and adventures up and around mountains throughout the world.”
                      Board Member, Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE)

“The theme of The Heights of Leadership was perfect for the occasion, as we were later able to relate the concepts to the significant role of leadership that our company has played in the development of information technology in Ecuador, over the last score years. I highly recommend this presentation to businessmen who are looking for creative ways to take their companies into the future.”
                      President, Grupo Microsistemas, Ecuador

“First off, thanks very much for coming out and doing such a great presentation.  I've gotten great feedback from all over.  I happened to be in NYC on Wednesday and saw several of the senior leadership who also spoke on Sunday and all were very impressed.  Since people also seem to keep offering me kudos for having found you, I owe you one.”
                       Associate Director, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

"Your presentation was really excellent with a captivating, clearly articulated and informative narrative and spectacular, beautifully photographed slides.  Every mention of your talk in responses to our questionnaire was highly enthusiastic."
                       Associate Program Coordinator, The Smithsonian Institution

"Let me thank you again for your great contributions towards the great success of the meeting in Lima."
                       Senior Director - Head of Latin America, World Economic Forum


“Both your program and your personal leadership style energized the AppHost team at USi. I believe the team-building and aspiration-building engendered through your seminar has had everything to do with our business success.”
            Vice President, USinternetworking, Inc.

“The leadership session and mountain climb were the highlights of the Executive MBA conference!
                        Director of Conferences, The International Association for Management Education (AACSB)

“I wanted to thank you for organizing and leading the successful management training and leadership exercise with my team. I learned more about some of the members of the team in a single afternoon than I have in two years of working with them. The importance of short periods of reflective time during high pressure situations, and the approach of leading from behind with an invisible hand to make each member of the team successful are ideas that I have been applying since our workshop.”
            Senior Vice President, Gene Logic, Inc.

“I wanted to compliment you formally on the marvelous job you did leading the session “Climbing the Summit: A Leadership Trek” at the AACSB Executive MBA Conference last month in Arizona.  The two-part workshop was the highlight of the week's events.  The experience was truly uplifting in more ways than just the obvious.  I have attended four of these EMBA conferences; this was the first time I felt deeply engaged by the material and the participants.”
                        Associate Dean for Executive MBA Programs, Columbia University Graduate
 School of Business

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